Emo Love Poems And Quotes

 Emo: Love Poems

Crying, is all that's left to do.

Here In This World:

How Come Life is always a one way street?

I can't turn left and I can't turn right,

It must be only a dream,

as I wake into reality I still see the blood stains,

My heart broken,

and the tissues used to wipe my tears,

Here in this world is nothing but reality,

waiting to take me in it's arms and lead the way,

I'm still stuck,

Here in this world,

I can't escape the pain.



  I'm dreaming of him to come take me by the hand, kiss me gently and never let me go, I'm dreaming he was the only one I wanted to hold, With every tear that falls upon my face, I just wish he would know. I love him, with every second of every day and without him here I've never felt more alone. I'm dreaming, of him, standing by me and never in my life, has his words been so cold, sad to say it wasn't a dream, I just wish he only knew.

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